Mold Design & Manufacturing

On-Demand Mold Manufacturing And Proven Quality Products

Mold design and manufacturing services from LinearGS deliver industry-leading custom and pre-designed products to customers worldwide using custom plastic injection molding, CNC plastic and metal machining, and casting and manufacturing processes.

As a turnkey supplier for low pressure overmold tooling, LGS can design, manufacture, test prototype and production mold set tooling.

Get the low cost and fast turnaround time that your mold design and manufacturing needs and that only LGS Overmold can provide.

CNC Mold Manufacturing

Computer-Aided Custom Mold Design and Manufacturing

At LGS Overmold, our team of highly skilled technicians harnesses cutting-edge 3D CAD technologies to produce custom molds with incredible precision and speed. Then, our manufacturing team can take over, employing the industry’s highest standards to manufacture molds to your specifications.

With LGS Overmold, you can count on:

Highest technological applications for custom solutions

Clear, honest communication from project start to end

End-to-end SME and quality control consultation and checks

Our on-time and on-budget guarantee

Custom Mold Manufacturing From LGS Overmold

We are the industry leaders at custom mold manufacturing, with custom solutions for multiple mold types.

LGS Overmold helps companies big and small by offering design consultation and oversight aided by our team of skilled designers.

Free mockups and 3D models

Turnaround time in as little as 48 hours

No pressure consultation and sales

Mold Engineering With Exceptional Craftsmanship And The Latest Technological Tools

Mold engineering from LGS Overmold uses the most innovative design techniques, the newest technologies, and amazing customer service.

We take pride in our ISO 9001:2015 certification, which delivers to you high quality, precision designs, and on-time deliveries.

ISO Certified 9001 LGS Overmold

Exceptional Mold Designs: How We Do It

Our skilled technicians are experts in plastic injection molding and thermoforming plastic resin properties, so they know how the materials you call for will perform inside a mold tool. We employ good design practices at the front end of the production development cycle to help troubleshoot projects and ensure smoother design delivery.

Our SME and QC processes can find design flaws in bosses, draft angles, ejector pin positions, gate witness marks, parting lines, ribs, sink marks, and textures, meaning our design will give you a better mold, every time.

CNC Machining For Superior Products

Our CNC machining services offer comprehensive rapid prototyping and new product development solutions. We bring to each project a full toolbox of advanced equipment to provide dimensional milling and turning as well as grinding, laser engraving, and more. CNC machining offers fast turnaround, easy customization, excellent surface finishes, and design and production versatility. Bound by regulatory guidelines? We can meet them, guaranteed.

CNC Machine Mold Making