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Our Partners

LGS Overmold partners with Ellisworth Adhesives as the top supplier for all hot melt adhesives.

Ellsworth Adhesives is the largest global distributor of encapsulants, potting systems, and casting compounds. Our product line offers a variety of encapsulants including ceramic, epoxy, polyurethane, thermoplastic, optical encapsulants, silicone, UV curing, and catalysts to speed system cure. These products are thermally conductive, electrical insulators, shock absorbers, and resistant to chemical and environmental exposure. Ellsworth Adhesives provides low pressure molding contract services combining Henkel Loctite Technomelt thermoplastic encapsulants and MoldMan Systems™.

Our Materials

Technomelt is the top choice for hot melt adhesives designed to protect electronics and key internal components. With Technomelt, electronics can be protected at lower temperatures and lower pressures, allowing safe encapsulation of fragile components without damage.

Low Pressure Molding From LGS Overmold

At LGS Overmold, we are specialists in the use and application of low pressure molding materials. Since 1955, Linear GS has been a leader in developing and manufacturing high-quality materials and processes that protect and seal components in a wide variety of industry applications, including automotive, consumer, military, aerospace, and medical.

LGS Overmold specializes in low pressure injection molding to safely encapsulate electronics assemblies from harsh environments, and can do so from prototype to volume scale at speed.

Tehnomelt Polyamide Materials

What Is Technomelt?

Henkel Technomelt

Technomelt was developed by Henkel Adhesives in the 1960s and is valued for its versatility, strength, quick bond, and integrity. It comes in a range of options depending on what it is being used for, what qualities are important for a particular job, and what aesthetic quality is desired.

At LGS Overmold, we are specialists in high-quality, on-demand injection molding using Technomelt for prototypes and production parts. We proudly boast the quickest turnaround times in the industry, and in addition to large-scale production runs, we offer high-quality processing for pilot runs, low-volume production, and bridge tools.

Our Technomelt overmolding yields precise solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. Our goal is to provide long-term Technomelt overmolding solutions, moving clients from rapid prototyping to full-scale production. We have highly trained engineers and project managers on hand to help you with every stage of the low pressure overmolding process, from design to production, no matter your industry, budget, or deadline requirements.

Not sure if low pressure overmolding using Technomelt is right for your application? Contact us now for a free low pressure Technomold overmolding suitability analysis.

Why Choose Low Pressure Molding?

Low pressure molding is an improved method of conventional injection molding. It uses lower pressure to gently encapsulate delicate electronics assemblies and protect them from harsh environments such as moisture, high temperatures, dust, and chemical exposure.

Low pressure molding is conducted in a press that applies gentle pressure and a carefully chosen molding material to electronics assemblies. This mold flows through a predesigned mold set, and encapsulated parts can typically be moved to final assembly immediately after molding.